displacement = trees + cats?

When I was in Montreal, the nature of the subjects that enticed me was always industrial.  Since moving back to Ontario, there’s been a shift. All I’ve taken photos of are trees and cats.  I don’t know what this says about me, other than I suppose I’m clinging to that which I recognize, or perceive as keeping me calm and sane. These natural, innocent, carefree things serve as a distraction from painful thoughts (missing my apartment, my view, my man, my friends, being employed and the conveniences and cheaper cost of living in Montreal) and also serve as a point of envy. Who wouldn’t want to be living, thriving, being, without the exhaustion of thinking, worrying (often about work, or lack thereof).

One of the calmest moments I’ve had was out in the woods somewhere in Waterloo with my dear newly-wedded friends. They are real lovers of nature who know all the best spots for relaxing amidst it in Ontario. We found ourselves a random fire someone had left for us, along with some firewood. The spot was encircled by birch trees, and after noticing the face on this one, I noticed they ALL had multiple faces similar to this one. Unfortunately, my camera batteries died, but you get the gist.  The odd thing is that birches are my favourite trees, but I don’t recall having ever noticed this before. That, however, could just be my somewhat shoddy memory.

the trees all have (angry) eyes

In terms of envying most non-me living things, I wish I were the subject pictured below in particular.  Life for her consists of a routine of sleep, sit, stretch, look around wide-eyed in awe of everything,  have-my-belly-scratched-because-I’m-so-cute. This cat belongs to my cousin who I’m staying with for the time being. She and her husband call her  ‘the girl’ or ‘tuxedo’.  I’ve taken to this kitty and she’s taken to me, and now I call her either ‘sweet pea’ or ‘angel puff’.  This is the first cat I’ve lived with after literally a lifetime of wanting one. She takes up a lot of my time, and is like me in countless ways.  Often sleepy, black hair, very vocal, can never get enough love, can never have enough to eat.  If there’s one thing she loves more than me, it’s the outdoors (if there are two, it’s the outdoors and food!) She doesn’t like being held, and I want to hold her endlessly, so I’m working on that. When I am down at the end of the day, she senses it and joins me on the bed, and when I wake up, if she’s not still on the bed, she’s meowing at me from outside, on the 2nd story windowsill, unable to understand why I can’t pet her through the glass.

everyone has their good angle - cat profile pict

ah, to be content with life in a broken box