cake=booze=epic (p.s. take your vitamins)

So recently I turned 29. I didn’t want cake because I was dieting for the week (due to my first real date… ever kinda. But in about 5 years officially). But then I saw Three Olives’ Cake vodka in the LCBO with ma friends; I was ecstatic, and that became my cake. Not just a smidgen of the eve of my bday, but the day of, and after too much that day because I didn’t feel like eating much, though I said I’d hold off, I ended up having some tonight (my late night as I don’t start work til later, and it’s about a million degrees in here and wasn’t up for my normal exercise routine).

Paired with dancing to new wave (which I haven’t in way too long) I’d have to say Cake booze makes me happier than I’ve been in a long time. And happy to be alone and all this too. Does that sound bad? Not to me. Life is great. When you have cake. And it’s booze at the same time. It tastes like cake and when you lick your lips it’s like icing was on it. Hard to mix – I’d say just with ice and a splash of water or milk of some sort (tried it with pineapple juice – fail). The fact it’s hard to mix is good in a way, as due to its sweetness it’s higher on calories (79 per ounce vs. normal vodka’s 55).

I also recommend dancing when you have it. With people OR alone. This cake is a party and a half. Never before could I have predicted turning 29 (yikes) could make a girl so happy. Even low on love and friends.

Just when I thought I was a) in need of a new drink (move the heck over apple martinis) and b) over sweet drinks… LIFE! Just when you think you’re not who you once were at all and mourn part of that loss, cake comes around and boozes you in the face. And it’s bliss. Pure bliss. Even when you’re consumed by no longer being who you were anymore… Cake comes around and shows you, you are.  Some things should change,  but some of the ones you wish wouldn’t (but fear have) well maybe they haven’t.  So stop your moping. You’re not 30 (QUITE yet). And that last year of your 20’s you thought would be focused on regret may be filled with excitement for the future instead. Cheers and a half to that, cake-face! (Yes, Cake will make you talk to yourself! But who better to talk to, really?? You are fab-u-lous!)

P.S. Just when you thought you would never get your act together and force a horsepill multivitamin down your throat daily, you also found these. So good it’s hard to only have two a day!  Things are really looking up and up!

Thanks to proofreading Rexall flyers I found out about these!