Some things never get old

While others do all too quickly!

So just listening to one of my favourite songs of all-time. Yes that’s redundant, but the point bears emphasizing.

Anyway this is the only song that I both must dance to and must almost cry too too. The perfect man is the one who doesn’t hold either of those things against me and dances along and comforts me instead of scolds me or walks away from the tears. There is such a creature. Believe it or not. Such a stirring, beautifully sad song. It really wraps the wonder of NewOrder up with a perfect bow like no other song too.

And no, it may not be the wisest thing to listen to the real thing when I’m about to see a modern day rip-off in some ways tomorrow. But it’s subtle. We aren’t talking early Muse’s blatant rip-off of Radiohead. For good measure, the post that turned me off contributing to my beloved YouTube comments. I’ve rarely used the word retro since! post-punk, post-punk, post-punk – are you happy now YouTube commenting nazis?

This brings me to my last post, I’m seeing Cold Cave tomorrow and can’t wait to see what stylish frock he’s chosen to wear. I have half of my own chosen, but have to find something to go with my sweet mid-90s style Diesel mini skirt that looks grey and denim but is actually a bit metallic and has a built in white pleather dual-buckle belt. Very britpop. The store was playing Republica among other things to boot.

I also saw the Hot Snakes and it was such a magical, special evening it warrants its own post. So hopefully I’ll get a chance to do that sometime soon. I had to send them a love letter of thanks after. I think I rendered them speechless, or maybe I seemed too softee for them. If so, I totally don’t hold it against them. While there is g(oth) and e(mo) in me, the Hot Snakes fall under neither and are a beast of their own. They really don’t fall into any of the other more easily categorized categories that comprise my tastes. I’d say their ability to release the rock-of-the-ages effect in me is a bit akin to my early love of DFA, but Hot Snakes are unencumbered by the sexiness that went along with it, and as such free of any associated negative memories that went along with that soundtrack for me.

Hells yeah they played that song. I had actually quoted this song when I asked my accompaniment to go with me to the show. So when they sang it I turned around and sang that line to him. “Don’t go to Harvard, don’t go to Yale. Your disposition will only make you fail.” He didn’t like when I said it. I said of course he’s smart enough to go to such schools… but he wouldn’t be happy there. Who would want to anyway? He’s way too cool and belongs here with me so he can go with me to Hot Snakes shows and the like!

Hot Snakes are just straight-up, hardcore cool. There is something so very simple (yet complex) about them and it warms my heart so! Yes. I almost wept after. But just like the last time I saw them, the show itself was too immersive and fun for me to weep on the spot. Thankfully! I’d look like such a wuss. Though in some ways, I am. I’m some kind of hardass, badass wuss hybrid. Battery powered? I don’t know where I’m going with this anymore. I am clearly in no position to start talking about Cars. Though I was just talking about how Gary Numan is more stylish than ever (vs. Robert Smith wearing that nasty Maple Leafs jersey when I saw The Cure!) Gary Numan has such a monopoly on the goth crowd too.

Gary Numan is really owning that Grandfather of Goth title. Who is the father in that equation? I’m not sure. But god, I hope it’s not someone like Trent Reznor. Yet again. Someone once revered who I don’t like thinking about anymore. I try to get behind every new Gary Numan album but never give it enough of a chance. I would love to see him live again though. Such dramatics and theatrics. And sweet outfits.


I missed a few free shows, including DFA which I had to jump through hoops to get tickets to, but it’s no loss. I think my days of live DFA are behind me now, said sadly. Jack White also came to town and I have yet to check out his new album, but I don’t think it’s for me. What about this? No going back, I suppose. His first wife was much cuter/cooler too. You’d be hard-pressed to find a White Stripes fan who disagrees with that statement. I may be even a bit more biased as she looks a lot like my sister-in-law, the biggest Jack White fan I know. It is a shame I missed the White Stripes.

The next thing I have tickets to isn’t until Johnny Marr in October. I heard the show I wanted to go to and also jumped through hoops to try to get tickets to (to no avail) was not great. I haven’t followed his solo career either, but will have to check out the new album when it’s out in five days time.

It’s almost more of an obligatory thing for me it seems. I know Marr and Morrissey are meant to be together and never will be ever again, but if I have to go see one of them, Marr would be the way to go, I suppose.

This is not a post about Radiohead, damnit. I don’t even listen to them anymore.

I am wishing for some new music that does it for me. It really makes a difference having such things. The new DFA was nothing to write home about, nor the new APTBS, or Odonis Odonis. Those were three of my fave bands ‘of the now’ gone right there. Greys is a more complicated story, but no longer on my list or playlists anymore either. Not even the old stuff. Same with Dirty Nil. New Meat Wave was meh as well. Mama nooooo! Not the meats too!

True, I’m lucky I had the new Hot Snakes album. I have to give some time to the new Get Up Kids EP. I am utterly disappointed in Iceage. So upsetting I can’t even go there. It worries me that once a band goes one way there really is no going back. I get that, as in life as a person the same is often the case. But argh! It means the same ill fate for Title Fight, which I found out about too late.

Regardless, only one album too late and thus they still played a lot of his near-perfect album when I saw them live. This (and their other two early ones, especially Shed which my dearest Walter Schriefels produced!) got me through one of the hardest years and losses in my life when my dad was sick. This is the kind of song you have to just keep turning up, and up, and up. This guy has the perfect hardcore mouth too. Freakin massive to let all that angry emo-tional angst rip. That’s what I like to see/hear!

Apparently there’s this too. But let me ask this: what is Interpol without Carlos? They recently played this song on the Colbert show. Clearly they are no longer worth seeing live, that’s for sure.

I’m glad I got my fill back in the day. I probably saw them four or five times. That’s about as many albums they put out after I stopped following them because they all sounded like lack luster versions of what they’d already produced. Anyway, I will say that I don’t blame bands as it’s not easy to strike that oh-so-delicate balance of their early energy without repeating themselves. But oh-too-often they choose to repeat the lower-energy stuff that follows their early masterpieces. *cough* Radiohead.

It’s a shame in a way I don’t have time to review stuff anymore. It forced me to check out new bands, give them a chance, try to see them in a positive light, and often resulted in some new interests and cheap shows to get out to. That said, I wasn’t actually ever crazy about writing the reviews.

True enough, I invest heavily in bands much like I do people. Thus the lesson to NEVER get a band tattoo, as much like getting the name of someone you love ink-needled into your skin, one day you will need to cover that shit up and it won’t be cheap or painless. I actually put off my tumbleweed this spring, but all in due time. Once the big bucks start rolling in again, the tumbleweed will be rolling onto my arm!



Anyway, with the deep attachment I have to music I love and associated deep reverence and respect for the bands that create it, being disappointed and wounded and being left with nothing to look forward to does seem to strike me particularly hard. Especially since music is so very near and dear to me and is one of the few things in life that is capable of making me my happiest. It makes sense though. Much like relationships, you want excitement, passion, familiarity, trust, security. You want it all and it’s about as rare to find as a band that reliably delivers album after album.

When there is a shortage of exciting new music, one fears that thing called age is finally messing up more than one’s body. One’s ability to keep up with the kids, stay up late, do crazy things. It still happens, but the recovery time takes much, much longer. It isn’t all bad though. As the body ages the frustrating fieriness calms a bit. And if you’re someone that had too much to begin with, that really isn’t the worst thing that could happen.

(Such a bitter irony. As it’s just that that happens and changes a band’s sound from one I love to one I can no longer get behind. I guess I’m happy for the guys as people, but as musicians, it still saddens me so).